What is Andriol

Andriol is an oral anabolic steroid. This product contains ester testosterone undecanoate.

Oral andriol does not allow you to bypass the liver (as stated in many sources). However, we should know that the process of alcalali for 17-? ether a hard task, and it is complicated by the presence of the methyl group.This means that estraza not show activity, and andriol does not turn into testosterone. What then is the mechanism of action? To prevent the destruction of andriol liver, was invented a very clever method – encapsulation of the drug. Specialized capsules contain an oil solution of the ether. This gave the drug a lipophilic property, which enabled him, without affecting the liver, immediately get into the lymphatic system.

At first glance everything is fine, but here’s the catch: either the drug was not sufficiently lipophilic to place the absorption process, or in theory had faults, but in practice the mechanism has not worked.

Studies have shown that the bioavailability of the drug is around 6-7% at dosages of less than 6 capsules per day (about 240мг). Now imagine the impact of the use of any other ester of testosterone at these doses.

The effect of the use of andriol is so small that the naked eye it is unnoticeable. Higher dosages of the drug give a small effect, but much of it will not name.


It’s safe to say that the athletes involved in bodybuilding, this steroid is not really for them it is just useless.

At this point in time this drug is prescribed to men to retain or increase libido, cases of falling of level of testosterone in the blood.

Andriol Side Effects

The andriol is characterized by all of the side effects inherent to an entire group of esters of testosterone, with only a small correction – because of the low bioavailability side effects are less pronounced.

Andriol Dosage

Daily dose from 6 capsules (240мг) to 12 capsules (480мг). The daily dose should be divided into three stages.

Combination with other drugs

It is recommended to combine the andriol with the intake of Oxandrolone.

Andriol for Women

Andriol is only of the esters of testosterone, which women can take safely. The dosage is several times smaller for men – 120-240мг per day.

Andriol Cycle for Men

Course No. 1 for beginners

Duration: 4 weeks.

Dosage: 8х40 mg capsules daily (2 capsules every 4 hours).

Course No. 2 for advanced athletes

Duration: 6 weeks.

Dosage: 10×40 mg daily (take 2 capsules at equal intervals of time).

Andriol Cycle for Women

Course No. 1 for beginners.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Dosage: 3х40 mg capsules daily (2 before Breakfast, 1 with last meal).

Course No. 2 for advanced athletes.

Duration: 6 weeks.

Dosage: 4×40 mg daily (2 before Breakfast, 2 with last meal).

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